Saint Jean de Thouars

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Welcome to Saint Jean de Thouars

Just before you reach Thouars, you will be welcomed by the residential borough of St Jean de Thouars which borders the River Thouet in north Deux-Svres (population 1373).

In the north of the dpartement of Deux-Svres, St Jean de Thouars, located around the old Bonneval Abbey, spreads along the meanders of the Thouet, on the left bank of the river, at the foot of the stronghold of Thouars.

St Jean de Thouars is situated next to the town of Thouars and near many a place of interest such as the Oiron Castle, the recreation parks of "Futuroscope" and "Le Puy du Fou", the fishing place of Pescalis, the marsh area called "Le Marais Poitevin" and the chateaux of the Loire Valley. St Jean de Thouars is part and parcel of the "Pays Thouarsais", an area famous for its sightseeing due to a rich architectural heritage.








Lying at the borders of three regions : Anjou, Touraine and Poitou and in immediate vicinity of vineyards, this small urban district has known for several decades how to find the necessary resources to promote its development while preserving its identity.

Peace and good quality of life are provided for all residents of St Jean whose conviviality, specific to the "Pays Thouarsais", is enhanced by an exceptional environment.

Profusion of space is offered to strollers and hikers who can walk along the narrow sometimes sloping streets curving in the middle of the village or on the paths skirting the river shaded by a row of tall trees.

Tourists will also enjoy the great abundance of brooks joining in the Thouet, the wash houses and the Thouet itself. It is a lovely winding river that can be followed along "Route de Doret", "Chemin de la Rivire" or "Chemin du pr Chambert", from where the other bank and the strong ramparts of the Marie de la Tour d'Auvergne chateau can be seen.

Consequently angling is a very natural leisure thanks to the Thouet River vhere carps, pikes and perch pikes live. Access to river is easy. The river can be approached through the communal ground situated on the "route de Doret" (accessible on foot or through Miss), the communal ground accessible from "chemin du pr Chambert", "le pont des Chouans" (a bridge over the river between Thouars and St Jean de Thouars) and "chemin de la rivire" a steet along the river.

Come and discover this charming little town with its population of 1373 and then you will find yourself daydreaming, just forgetting time...

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